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The Nugan Group was founded in 1940 from a fruit and vegetable packing operation into one of Australia’s largest juice exporters it has now become. In 1993 The Nugan Group further diversified its operations into vineyards and wine making. They are now an Australian Top 20 wine exporter with The Nugan Group employing over one hundred people. The Nugan Group relies heavily on superior quality forklifts that are capable to get the job done, all while minimising downtime.

“The Nugan Group is pleased to be associated with Franks Service Centre for all our forklift requirements since 1990.

FSC provides our rental forklift fleet to our winery, juice plant and farms. This machinery is an integral part of our overall operation and it is essential it is reliable in all situations to our needs.

Our fleet consists mainly of duel fuel LPG/Petrol units ranging from 2.5 tonne to 7 tonne capacity. We also use a number of Battery–Electric units in our freezer rooms.

We have found Nissan Forklifts and Franks Service Centre to be both extremely reliable and knowledgeable with excellent friendly service.”

Matthew Nugan
General Manager
Nugan Estate


We asked Alby Cunial and David Rapone, long term employees of Nugan Group, their thoughts on Nissan Forklifts and our service:

Alby Cunial has been part of the Nugan Group for the past 45 years. He is an experienced forklift operator and has driven various makes of forklifts in his time.

“Nissan is my first choice forklift by far. Since they have been introduced at Nugans we have not changed brand. They are used in fairly hard conditions around here and they don’t miss a beat. The machines just keep on going. I find them easy to operate, comfortably and very reliable. Service is tops, if something is not right it’s immediately put right by one of Franks Service Centres experienced technicians."

Inside Nugan Estate David Rapone has been a  Dispatch Manager for over 15 years for the Nugan Group.

“We are very happy with the reliability of the Nissan Forklifts. The company is hiring both LPG and freezer proof battery electric units. The freezers reach temperatures of minus18 degrees and the forklifts continually perform under these harsh conditions. We run 24 hour shifts and cannot afford to have any down time. Nissan forklifts really do perform well. Service is vital, we have dead lines to meet and I’ve been extremely happy with the prompt service and the 24 hour back up service provided by Franks Service Centre.”

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